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First production
The cost is per page, no matter how many publications you are going to produce. The cost includes the hosting for one year.

Only 2.00 P$ / page *

Updates (optional)
The system lets you update existing pages at a very convenient price. This is usefull for periodicals such as monthly or weekly magazines, newspapers, catalogues or blogs that need to be updated frequently.

Only 0.20 P$ / page *

For example a monthly magazine of 64 pages is online and always updated for only 269.00 P$ per year, all inclusive. If you want to store your old issue just download it at 19.00 P$ before updating it.

Downloads (optional)
Paperator includes the hosting for a year for each publication, however, it is possible to download it and to publish it in your website or in another website. The cost for downloading is one time, and you can keep using your publication unlimited. A Paperator publication runs on every web server and locally too!

Only 19.00 P$ / publication *

Smart LinkManager (optional)  (New price!)
Add the SMART LinkManager optional module and your publications will become alive.
Smart LinkManager adds links to internal pages or external web site. You can point to web pages or to videos (YouTube is also supported), animations, sounds... It's simple as drawing squares with the mouse.
A new way for Advertising starts.

Only 100.00 P$ / year (unlimited publications and links) *

(*) What's a Paper Dollar "P$" ?
One Paper Dollar is One (1.00) Euro if you are an European company or citizen, for the rest of the world one Paper Dollar is One (1.00) USD.
This has to be done due to the strength of Euro that penalizes exports. If you are extra-European then change the currency to USD in the payment form. Payments are processed by our specialized partner Shareit.com. It provides a well known reliability and security. Payments methods are: credit card, Maestro/Solo, Bank/Wire transfer, Paypal, Check and Cash.


How does it work?

It works as a prepayment balance. Basically you need to indicate the whole number of pages you have to convert in Smartpaper.info format. The basic service provides the conversion service (with all the standard features included) and the hosting of your publications. No matter how you'll really spend your funds: converting pages, editing pages, downloading your publications or adding options, you can change idea in any time according with your current needs.

I just want to download the publication made, how can I do?
The basic service provides the conversion and the hosting, to download a publication you need to use the basic service (First production) and then start downloading. If you do not want that your publication is available at our server, you can choose to delete it after downloading, but later if you'll need to update your publication you need to rebuild at the cost for the basic service (not the cost for updates). So be careful, delete your publication only if you are sure that no other updates are needed. Remember that Paperator is a great place to publish and promote your publications because is visited by thousands of users worldwide.

What's happens after a year?
After a year if the funds of your account are enough they will be charged to renew the service, otherwise you will be alerted to increase your funds or in the deadline publications will be removed. The renew has a cost equal to a normal publication. Publication's updates don't affect the duration of the same publication (1 year). Unused funds cannot be refunded.

After the year, if I downloaded my publication, can I use it, have I to pay more?
Downloaded publications can be used without limits, and you have not to pay for that.

How long it takes from the payment to start publishing?
Normally the order is processed in 1 to 24 hours, then you are ready to start publishing.

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