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What's Paperator?

More then 4.000.000 pages produced


PaperatorTM is a full featured self-publishing system based on proprietary technology. PaperatorTM was created in 2006 and it is the first totally automated flipping book system. The first to have a specific App on App Store for your iPhone or iPad.

PaperatorTM loads thousands of pages daily and organizes them in a user friendly package. Pages from simple pdf documents are automatically indexed to build a totally new concept of search engine.

Starting from a simple PDF, you can upload and easily share your publications on www.paperator.com or through other web sites, blogs, email, cd-rom or other web applications.

Publications are viewed through an interactive, realistic player that simulates flipping through pages, but it’s not just a viewer. It also provides all the necessary tools to publish, update, share, buy or sell every kind of publication (catalogues, magazines, newspapers, and books).

PaperatorTM is oriented towards:

  • Readers, offering up-to-date, quality content and a powerful search engine;

  • Companies, offering a fast and easy tool to update the content of their web sites and to increase the visibility of their products;

  • Publishers, offering a complete, professional solution to produce, deliver and sell their publications.

PaperatorTM is environmentally friendly because it is able to reduce the use and distribution of paper devolving to end users the choice of what is deserving to be printed.


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HD ZOOM: High definition Zoom to enhance detailed images and to allow a clear reading of the smallest character.

FROM PDF: Starting from a simple PDF file Paperator automatically generates a flipping through pages publication, it indexes all the content and it makes it available to users in very short times.

SMART ZOOM: Exclusive way to quickly zoom high definition images, thanks to a progressive stream.

VISIBILITY: Paperator is a large showcase of catalogues, magazines and newspapers. It offers updated, quality content that attracts users from all over the world. All of the content is searchable by Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

KEYBOARD: Each feature can be activated by shortcuts to ensure easy reading in a variety of environments, including laptops or tablet PCs.

PERSONAL LIBRARY: Each Publisher gets a personal page to feature all of their publications.

CUSTOMIZATION: The player allows many customizations, including shadows, backgrounds, colors, sounds, languages, speed, animations, bookmarks, and indexing.

PERIODICALS: Publications can be grouped by category, subject, or affiliation.

MULTIFORMAT: Documents are supported in any format or size.

COMMENTS, RATINGS, FAVORITIES: Registered Users can add comments, add to favorites, and rate the publications. Publishers can get to know the readers and interact with them.

SEND TO A FRIEND: Any page can be forwarded to a contact as a link via email. This solution is quick and effective to share information without overloading mailboxes.

PAPERSHOW!: An animated, interactive presentation of covers, in the style of iTunes. Papershow! includes access to publications, periodicals and favorites.

BOOKMARKS: Page bookmarks are permanent, even if the user empties the browser cache.

EMBED CODES: Publications and Papershow! can be embedded in other sites by copying the code provided.

PRINT: Two ways to print: either the entire page or just part of it, depending on zoom. Pages can also be downloaded individually.

DOWNLOADS: Publications can be downloaded and hosted on different sites or delivered with other media, such as a CD or a thumb drive.

DRM SYSTEM: Contents can be protected to discourage copyright infringement. This exclusive and secure digital rights system can be activated easily by the publisher, and does not interfere with the reader’s use of the publication.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Which article is read the most? How long do users stay on each page? Paperator interacts with Google analytics to provide detailed statistics for each of your publications.

RIGHT TO LEFT READING: Right to left reading is supported so that documents coming from eastern countries are fully accepted.

RESELLERS: Paperator service is also transparently offered by web agencies and advertising companies located in Italy or abroad.

SMART LINKMANAGER: This optional module gives life and interactivity to your publications. Smart LinkManager adds links to internal pages or external web sites. You can point to web pages or to videos (YouTube is also supported), animations or music. It's as simple as drawing squares with your mouse. It’s a new way to include advertising in your publications.

DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: Paperator is the place to buy or sell publications. It provides the publishers with all the necessary tools to manage digital subscriptions or to limit their publications to subscribers only. Together with the DRM system, it achieves a complete, inexpensive and professional solution for publishers.

WORKING IN PROGRESS: Both  Player and Paperator portal are constantly updated to provide the most effective publishing system available.

SEARCH ENGINE: A powerfull search engine that indexes all publications contents. The result of a search shows the list of publications of different publishers. This allows the users to compare the same products or articles in different publications without the need to make complicated searches outside of Paperator. Another original and exclusive solution!




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