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Economic issues

How Paperator works

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Economic issues

We have uploaded the file on your site. We have also payed but we have not received any confirmation. When i will be able to use the catalog I created? top
It depends by the payment's type: credit card is faster (within a few hours), bank transfer is slower (within a few days).

When and how do I get the bill for the paid service? top
Payments are processed by Share*It: when the payment is accepted a mail containing the bill will be sent to the mail address you provided.

What is a P$? top
P$ is "Paperdollar". One Paperdollar is 1 if you are a citizen or company within European Union; for the rest of the world 1 P$ is 1 USD.
This is necessary due to the strenght of Euro. If you are non EU select USD in the payment form. Payments on Paperator.com are safe: the whole process is processed by Share*it.

How Paperator works

Hi, I just joined and i am trying to log in using my username and password but i'm not able to log in. top
By registering you will receive an email: follow the instructions you will find in this email.

How can I send you my publication and how long does it take the conversion? top
Just upload your pdf and wait for a few minutes: you will receive an email when your publication will be ready.

It is possible to download the publication to publish it in my site? top
For sure: at a small extra cost (19P$) you can download your publication in a .zip file and use it whitout any limit. Use your publication on your website, cd, dvd or usb penrive or locally over your network.

How do I see a preview of the publication and how do i use the code to embed it in my site? top
Once your publication is ready simply go to your control panel and click over the cover: you will see the preview of your new publication. To embed it in your site: select the publication and copy and paste the code provided in section "EMBED".

I have created a catalog, but I can see it only if i am logged in Paperator. Why? top
This is because you have to enable your publications to make it visible to all. If not enabled the publication will be visible only to the author.

By uploading a catalog on your website I noticed that some publications are expiring. What i have to do? top
A publication lasts a year: after this period you can renew it, download it or forget it. If the author does nothing after seven days publications will be deleted by the system. No auto-renew.

How can i change image in my profile? top
Just log in into Paperator, select "edit your profile" in your control panel and the upload your logo (pay attention to the size allowed).

What is the maximum size of the pdf i can upload? top
Paperator supports up to 1 Gigabyte pdf size. Remember: use 150 dpi file to obtain best result.

How can i delete a Paperator account? top
You can't! We are kidding, just write an email: info_at_paperator.com with "delete_account name" as object.

My publication has some graphic problems... top
If you find some graphic problem (crispy font, strange behaviours, other...) in your publication you can try to follow these simple steps:
Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat
- Advanced / PDF Optimizer
- Select the Compatibility Version 4.0
- Select all the entries in the "Delete objects" "Clear user data" "Clean"
In doing so the pdf is optimized and made compatible with previous versions, if the options for the optimization of all images is reduced to 150 dpi, we get also a reduction in the size of the pdf.

Does Paperator recognize pdf internal links? top
Paperator does not recognize pdf internal links, but with Paperator you can insert link inside your publication after the conversion: using smart Linkmanager insert link is very easy and you can customize a lot of things.

By saving the file to 150 dpi the pdf becomes heavy. With other platforms the file is very slow... top
No problem: Paperator technology allows hi-speed preview and very fast zoom. Try yourself.

It's possible to edit a published document? top
It's enough to delete your publication and upload the right one. This is free of charge if done before your publication is enabled.

Paperator Player Options

How can i modify the page format top
Page format is set by the system. Once you enabled your publication you can set parameters (Player's option)

In order to see a Paperator publication do i need any specific software?
Paperator player is developed in flash: you need only flash player, installed on 99% of pc.

Can i insert my logo into my publication? And a background? top
Yes! Under "Player's options" you can find these options. You can insert .swf (includin animations!) or .jpg format. For more info look here.

How can i remove a logo/background uploaded? top
With the right command under "Player's options)

How can i add links to my publication? top
First enable your publication and then select "Add SmartLinkManager for XX P$". Enjoy your links!

It is possible to remove your logo from publication? top
This is not possible in order to avoid illicit use of the product.


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